Born and raised in Poland, Piotr Niemczewski is a Los Angeles based director of photography and online content creator. As a New York Film Academy graduate, Piotr is a versatile filmmaker experienced in feature film, commercial and music video production as well as in Youtube and social media content. Starting at the age of 15 Piotr has been a YouTube creator for over 6 years. By sharing his travels and adventures with the online world he has grown an audience of over a hundred thousand people.

Piotr has pursued a filmmaking career by moving to Los Angeles, studying film and gaining experience on various film sets. During that time he has developed a strong passion for working with light and cameras to create stunning visuals in support of a story.

With his insight into the world of new media and the passion and understanding of classic cinema, Piotr believes that he can bring any director’s vision to life no matter how challenging or unconventional it may be.